Karlie was born and raised in Brooklyn Park, Maryland where she wrote her first song and taught herself to play guitar on her father’s old six-string. She first became inspired to write her own music after listening to artists such as Ingrid Michaelson, Norah Jones, and Sara Bareilles. She is drawn to the authenticity in these artist's writing, and always strives to keep her lyrics honest. Karlie's smooth voice, jazzy chord progressions, and folk-influenced lyrics will silence any room.

In May 2017, Karlie was chosen as a featured soloist to honor Lucinda Williams for Berklee College of Music’s Commencement Concert. She had the opportunity to sing for an arena filled with seven thousand people, including Lucinda herself. She graduated the following day with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Music, focusing in Contemporary Writing/Production and Performance. 

Karlie currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with plans to release her debut EP in early 2020. You can catch Karlie performing weekly throughout the Nashville and Franklin areas.

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