Karlie Bartholomew is a singer-songwriter whose voice is often described as being as “smooth as butter.” Born in Baltimore, Maryland, she first taught herself to play guitar and began writing songs in the comfort of her childhood room. With undertones of pop, folk, country and jazz, her catchy acoustic tunes will silence any room.

In May 2017, Karlie graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Music, focusing in Contemporary Writing/Production and Performance. 

Karlie currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with plans to release a new album and make her mark on the Nashville music scene.


"She is softly soulful, yet powerful in delivering her message."

     Carolyn Kruse - Country 102.5

"With hard work comes success, and it is clear that this young artist is putting in her dues now in order to further herself as much as possible for the future."

     Henry Pazaryna - Surf Rhythm 

"She went onstage with just herself and her acoustic guitar. But her performance clearly evinced that was all she needed. Her voice was the epitome of cool and soulful."

     Shelby Newsome - Tote Magazine

Photo by Kelsey Page

Photo by Kelsey Page

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